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McGee Media LLC founder Timothy McGee, while working on the motion picture promotion for the launch of the company’s film “Nomads”; staring Lucy Liu, noticed the huge crowds that Bernie Sanders was drawing. The single message that catapulted Bernie Sanders into a potential US President nominee was the crises of college student loan debt and the rising costs of higher education.

Mr. McGee quickly changed strategies to incorporate a solution to the problem with his film project; offering a unique promotion to assist those dealing with student loans. During his initial research Mr. McGee discovered how serious a crisis the country is facing with an estimated 1.4 trillion dollars deficit and growing.


It was then that Mr. McGee discovered a number of legal issues in trying to incorporate 529 savings accounts into his film promotion give-away. It was at this time that Timothy McGee came across a way to make money online that has been operating on the internet for about 10 years.  Mr. McGee is now launching a pilot program for this new project monetizeyourdatatoday.com to help students with student loan debt.




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The project is design to help deal with this serious crises. If you like to join this free pilot project with a limited 2000 seats, please sign up with our affiliate for $2.99 for their web service. To learn more about this project and to secure a spot, you can sign up for our webinar. "Register here."

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