This is a Pilot project that is designed to eliminate student loan debt. We only have room for 2000 students for this initial test.

"We would like you to register for this free seminar that we are holding but, first it will be vital if you want to participate to sign up for web hosting . We are an affilated with Ipage and would like to offer this incredible discount offer to help you. Please secure your Hosting account that you will need to participate. After you have your account please reserve your seat with our webinar for the pilot project itself."

We will show you how our system works to eliminate your student loan debt in 12 months or less!


To briefly explain the concept requires a bit of background.  Recently there have been instances of abuses of privacy on the part of Facebook and Mobile phone companies. A number of companies like Wal-Mart, eBay, Amazon, and others are turning to a marketing/promotion online structure that we will be capitalizing on to profit from the growing trend of online shopping.

So, with retailers sensitized to consumer concerns regarding the personal data, a new and less intrusive way of acquiring new customers has been developed that allows for the creation of small business opportunities.  The platform has a low cost of entry ($2.99) to open an online business that promotes / advertises to social media networks platforms and email lists that most everyone is on and using for personal gains but not a business.

Once students set up their businesses, the business basically runs itself.   Monthly checks are sent to students generating monthly income to help pay off their student loan debts.

If you have a smartphone you can do this project!


Remember, if  you like to join this free pilot project webinar with a limited 2000 seats, please sign up with the our affiliate for $2.99 for there web service if you want  to participate with the webinar, then register with the company’s registers page to secure your spot for the overall project.

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